Furniture Disposal

Let us take away the pain of disposing your old furniture.

We will come to collect on a date and time of your choice. Our staff will safely remove the furniture from your property and dispose/recycle it at a certified disposal centre. We're fully licensed, insured and certified and our vehicles are capable of handling any size of item.

We charge be either volume or weight depending on the item (bricks are heavy and small, a wardrobe is light but will take up more space). But we can offer a reduced rate depending on the load. Government Regulations do require us to charge a little more for items that have specific disposal/recycling requirements, however a summary of our item prices based on a 2 man collection within a 2 hour window can be seen below:-

Load Size Cubic
Weight Labour
Min 1 0.75 100 kg 10 minutes £50.00
1/8 1.8 1.38 150 kg 15 minutes £79.17
1/4 3.75 2.87 375 kg 30 minutes £116.67
1/3 5 3.82 500 kg 45 minutes £150.00
1/2 7.5 5.73 750 kg 60 minutes £179.17
2/3 10 7.65 1000 kg 75 minutes £208.33
3/4 11.25 8.60 1125 kg 90 minutes £241.67
7/8 13.12 10 1350 kg 105 minutes £275.00
Full 15 11.47 1500 kg 120 minutes £291.67

Additional Charges Per Item

Our additional charges are based on what is costs us to recycle those items so we pass them on as a result.

Listed Items Price E
Car Tyres and Motorbike Tyres £8.33
Truck Tyres and Tractor Tyres £62.50
Fire Extinguishers & Calor Gas Bottles £16.67
Single & Double Bed Mattresses £20.83
Car Batteries & UPS Batteries £8.33
Parking and Parking Fines As incurred
Surplus Labour Per Hour with 2 Men £50.00
Bagging Of Excessive Rubbish Per Bag £1.00
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ULoad Services are a Cheshire based facilities company with an extensive list of highly trained, certified and insured individuals and contractors that enable us to be number one at everything we do.

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